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Commercial Design and Installation

50 KW ground mount system installed by us in Kent

Maximize returns and protect your business against rising costs of energy.

With electricity costs constantly rising, investing in solar PV is a great opportunity for businesses. SunStore Solar have helped many local and national companies gain a competitive edge by generating their own electricity on site, and we’re perfectly placed to do the same for you.
Each system is custom designed to maximize returns and meet clients’ specific requirements. Typically we have seen >90% of the generated energy used by the company. This equals free energy plus a bonus cheque from the power supplier each quarter (feed in tariff). 
Installing a solar PV system will allow you to:
  • Save on running costs and protect your business against future price rises
  • Benefit from tax-free, inflation-linked returns of 10-14%, guaranteed by the government for the next 25 years
  • Lower carbon emissions and demonstrate your green credentials to customers, suppliers and industry
  • Use roof space on storage or production facilities to generate a second income stream
  • Gain an extra competitive advantage in a tough economic climate
We only use German Inverters by SMA (we can use other brands making small savings however our experience has proven these to be not as comprehensive a product) and German designed and Manufactured Mounting systems. These are two main components which can cause long term problems when using inferior products. We choose not to risk the potential structural and electrical issues by attempting to save a few pounds. 
Why not contact us now for a free quote. We don't use sales men just professional engineers who can discuss your requirements in detail and show you the figures on cost and payback.
We also have a no nonsense policy which means we quote our best price, first time.
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