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Hampshire Search and Rescue


Hampshire Search and Rescue (HANTSAR) is a voluntary organisation that provides round the clock assistance to the police in searches for vulnerable missing persons in Hampshire. When Hansar decided they needed solar power to keep the battery of their Landrover "Mobile 1" charged and ready for use they obviously did their research, as they came to straight sunstore.

In light of HANTSAR being a charity organisation we supplied the equipment for below cost price and carried out the installation for free. 

After discussing the options with Tony Privett we agreed on a 12v 20w aluminium backed, semi flexible monocrystalline panel mounted on the roof of the vehicle, with a 5a Landstar charge controller looking after the battery. The 20w Semi flexible panel is flush mounted and does not have glass on it so can be mis treated a fair bit. Ideal for the top of a go anywhere vehicle.

On the 29th June Chris Duke from HANTSAR brought the Landrover down to us so that Tom and Curtis could fit the 12v 20w Aluminium backed monocrystalline panel and 5a landstar charge controller.



First of all the area the panel was going to be mounted on got a good scrubbing. Then we took some measurements and figured out the best way to position the 20w aluminium backed monocrystalline panel. Once this was all done we drilled an entry hole in the roof of the Landrover for the cable.


We then fixed the 12v 20w aluminium backed monocrystalline panel directly to the roof with Soudaflex 40fc, ran the cable neatly in small electrical conduit to where it would enter the cabin through an entry gland, then fixed the cable entry gland in place with Soudaflex 40fc. 



While Curtis finished the exterior work Tom fitted the 5a Landstar charge controller in the battery box under the passenger seat, ran the cable, connected everything up and tested the system.


With the 20w panel and charge controller now operational all that was left to do was fasten down the wiring, put the trim back and pose for a picture.



All in all this was one of the easier installations we have had to do. This was also the first installation that Curtis has been part of with us and was a good one to cut his teeth on.


We are very proud to have helped Hampshire Search and Rescue with a solar solution.

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