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Mains Power Off-Grid Kits

Many home owners and businesses are looking into generating their own energy. In some cases it is necessary or preferable to have no grid power source. These reasons include:
  • Suitable for locations where connection to the grid is too expensive or not possible
  • Uninterrupted power - protection from power cuts and the ability to power independently in all conditions
  • Reduction in energy bills and maximises the use of alternative energies
  • Eco friendly - uses green alternatives alongside traditional options
  • Adaptable and expandable to changing living and business uses 
Systems incorporating small generators, solar panels and/or wind turbines are suitable for most homes and small businesses, however whichever option you choose you will need somewhere to store the generated electricity for night time use, poor weather conditions etc. A system with a battery bank connected to an inverter/charger is the best solution for most properties. Our kits provide this in a range of sizes suitable for most property types. SunStore Solar provide a range of unique, pre configured kits that provide everything needed for a comprehensive domestic or business off-grid system.
Our kits include SMA Inverter/Charger and Batteries, along with all the necessary smaller components required for a safe, smooth and reliable power source. Solar Panels and generator power options are also available to complement our Off Grid Kits. Our kits are supplied in the most basic component form or can be built and pre-configured for an almost "plug and play" installation on site. For fully custom and installed systems please see our off grid services page here.

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