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Sunstore has a motorhome to add to our projects: meet Hettie - that’s the unofficial name given by the girls for the Sunstore Tour Bus.

The purpose of Hettie is dual fold: to give Sunstore flexibility on-site during installations and as an opportunity to explore the world of touring vehicles. Here’s a picture of her prior to any additional work, cuddling up against our electric truck and keeping another Sunstore project company. Sunstore's Hymer will also allow us to try out some of the products available on the market as well as test our own.

She’s a Fiat Ducato derived 2.5 diesel left hand drive 1995 Hymer. Designated E610 (a complicated system of model identity that few seem to understand).  She officially sleeps 3 and comes with what we think are a couple of useful additions - namely air suspension and a rudimentary automatic self levelling system, achieved by four heavyweight scissor jacks.

Sunstore has supplied and fitted many vehicle battery charging kits for motorhomes and caravans, intended to supplement charging or to provide complete autonomy for those who prefer sites without hook-up facilities. Naturally, we’re planning a comprehensive solar installation on Hettie with Sunstores engineer Tom, who is designing the system.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter @hellosuntore #hettiehymer.



As complete novices, we want to find out what challenges motorhome owners face, what equipment is useful and what are surplus to requirement?  These will be discovered by trial and error and will be reported on throughout our progress by reviewing each change we make: undoubtedly we won’t get  it right first time but that’s all part of the R&D commitment that Sunstore will pass on to its customers.

Of all of the decisions that have to be made when buying your first vehicle, we'd like to share some of ours with you. To many, Hettie could be considered a large vehicle and our first decision was to install a Snooper S5000 GPS and an S210 reversing camera.

The camera will override the GPS display when reverse gear is selected. Will this really help the Sunstore Tour Bus to stay scratch free? We’ll see. The Snooper has two useful options: a comprehensive database of camping sites and a facility to input the vehicles weight, height and width. The info says the Snooper will not send you down any embarrassing routes. Again, we’ll see.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter @hellosuntore #hettiehymer.


No more excuses, the time came to give our motor home its inaugural trial run.

Work commitments and the weather have conspired to delay completion, but we have nearly finished the alterations and fitting out and were raring to try her out. So last Saturday we took a short trip to the New Forest to familiarise ourselves with the outfit.

Although Hettie when ‘bought as seen’, was fully operational, we decided to add some little toys.

Naturally, the most important addition is the solar installation. Two 100w 12v solar panels have been mounted toward the rear of the roof, where the redundant sat dish was situated.

You may ask, why 200w?. Because we can. We had the space and there is no substitute for power. These have been mounted to two rails which are supporting the volumous  top box and the intention is to add an actuator driven system which will allow the panels to rise on one plane to a maximum of 45 degrees.

To complete the kit an EP Dual 20a Charge controller with MT1 Remote Meter has been fitted. The remote meter has obvious qualities in that the controller can be tucked away and performance and adjustments facilitated by the MT1.

This has been mounted next to the vehicles factory fitted electrical control and monitoring display. http://www.sunstore.co.uk/EP-Solar-Duo-Battery-Solar-Charge-Controller-12-24v-20A.html

The Dual controller charges both the leisure battery and cranking battery and can be adjusted to prioritize either battery: on tour the leisure battery, winter or periods of little use - the cranking battery.

Hettie performed well on he road and most systems worked well once on site.  A minor plumbing issue needs to be addressed before we venture out again.

We enjoyed a cosy weekend with no real issues and are looking forward to the next mini adventure.

More about the performance of the other kit, designed to make life, easier will follow.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter @hellosuntore #hettiehymer.


It’s been a great week and the Hymer is now a fully fledged display/tour vehicle.

Our solar system installation is now complete and operational. Click on the link to see a short video of it in action. This system is based on a 100w duo charge kit which is supplied for permanently fixing to the roof of a vehicle and has the addition of an automatic lift system. Kits from 20w up to 120w are also available.


Water problems have been fixed and a pressure valve has replaced the micro switch system originally installed as the micro switches have proved unreliable. Setting up was easy and very straightforward.

And finally, take a look at our new livery: doesn’t it look great?

Victor took the Hymer to our mates at www.aproved.co.uk  who have already done a great job on the service van. It was very cold and Hettie was too high to drive into the workshop, so the vinyl had to be applied outside. A hot air gun helped warm the panels but not everyone’s hands.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter @hellosuntore #hettiehymer.





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