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Solar Immersion Switch

Make sure you using as much of your generated energy as possible therfore maximising your savings.
By installing an Immersion switch you can:
  • Maximise the use of generated energy at your property
  • Cut the costs of water heating
  • Reduce boiler use

Installations start from £495 and start making you savings straight away.

As your PV array starts to generate in excess of your household power requirement an Immersion Solar Switch will begin to direct energy into your hot water tank. For example if you have 1.8kW of export energy then the switch will divert this energy to the immersion heater less a small buffer to ensure that the system deals smoothly with the changing use of household energy and the PV array’s generation. 
If for example you put the kettle on the technology will detect changes between import and export and sends a signal to stem the diversion to your Immersion. The diagram shows how the Solar iboost immersion switch system works, this is one of the top performing products of its type though other options are available. Sunstore rates the iboost so highly that our installers have it in their own homes so can answer any questions you may have about it. The handy ibuddy is a worthy addition to the system which allows you to see exactly what is happening with import and export within your home from your armchair. The buddy tells you when your hot water is hot and how much money you have saved, as well as a traffic light system to alert you when energy is flowing to the grid so you can decide to switch on other appliances rather than export energy to the grid.
In the UK most FIT genertion payments will not be affected by installing an Immersion switch. This is because most export tariff contracts are based in demmed energy usage rather thab actually metered, therfore self consumption is most beneficial.
Immersion Switch installations start from £495
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