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Solar Kits for Park Homes

Park homes and static caravan sites tend to be overlooked for installing solar.

The reason that this only applies to park homes and static caravan sites is because the site manager has the MPAN. The MPAN is the serial number that the energy supplier and National Grid operator will use as an account.  Each house has an MPAN so a solar system can be installed to this MPAN. WItout an MPAN it can not be registered to claim the Feed In Tariff. 

However we believe that the prices are at a stage where solar is affordable in simply saving money. We have a system where you are able to simply plug it into your mains socket, and while the sun is shining the energy is free. This saves you money from your bills to the manager. 

Park homes and static caravan solar panels are:

  • Quick and very easy to install by yourself or a local electrician. 
  • Modular systems can be expanded at any time. 
  • Easilly removable if you choose to move or store it away. 
  • For flat roofs or ground mounted. Pitched roof systems available upon request. 
Plug and Play Solar System

Easy to install, Plug and Play solar panel and inverter system.

Add free power to your home or park home simply and easily.  


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