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Solar Panel Bird Protection

Do you have unexplained generation loss from your solar system?

Solar panel bird mesh is designed to protect your solar system from nesting birds.

It seems that birds see solar panels in the same way as they see newly washed cars...... and although we can wash away the mess (panel cleaning services are available please contact us for a price.) The real problem starts when they decide to nest underneath them. Installing solar panel mesh around the complete solar array stops the birds from being able to go under the panels to nest.

Recently we have had a rise in customers with nesting birds who have decided it would be quite nice to nibble on the cables causing financial losses to the system owners. We can check the wiring for you and re wire where required then install the solar mesh to stop the problem arising again. Giving you piece of mind that you wont be losing money due to nesting birds.

The best way to deal with this is bird mesh to seal the area under the panels, we can install a wire mesh that clips directly to the solar panels and goes completely around the entire array.


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