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Solar Panels On Farms

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Specialist PV systems to maximise the value of your buildings or land

SunStore are experts in rural design and installation, with a vast range of experience in both roof- and ground-mounted PV systems. 
If you’re a farmer or landowner, solar energy will allow you to:
Save up to £4,500 a year on energy bills and protect your business against rising costs
Gain a second, year-round incomes stream, with tax-free, inflation-linked returns of 10-15%
Produce your own electricity during daytime hours, when energy needs are often the greatest
Maximise the value of buildings  or  underused or hard-to-farm areas of land

Feed in Tariff for Agricultural Solar

The Feed in Tariff for renewable energy will pay farmers up to 16p/kWh for all electricity that an agricultural solar project generates and consumes. Electricity that goes unused is fed back to National Grid and earns farmers even more per kWh with 4.5p being added to the standard rate per kWh.

Solar photovoltaic panel installations for agricultural projects of around 200kW can earn around £15,000 per year.  Systems of upto 50kw in size currently can earn around £5500 per year. Heavy use plants where dairy or grain driers are regularly used normally consume around 90% of the generated energy saving thousands from your bill. 50kw Dairy installed system in Sussex saves over £4000 per year on top of the tariff equaling almost a £10k profit. 

Agricultural Solar Project Prices

A 4kW agricultural solar project will cost in the region of £7,000 where as a 50kW solar photovoltaic panel installation can cost about £55,000 in the UK both including installation and VAT. A 200kW agricultural solar panel system comprising of 1,100 solar panels generating enough power to run 40 homes and save 100 tonnes of CO2 every year, can cost around £200,000 but will depend on the mains supply capacity. 

Demonstrate your green credentials as a supplier, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 22 tonnes a year.
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