Whether you live in a remote location, or have the desire to be completely self sufficient we have the knowledge and experience to design the perfect system to best suit your needs.

Reliability is key and each system is completely different so to get an idea of cost please call 01903 213141 to speak to one of our technical team providing as much information as you can.

Off Grid Systems can be completely self sufficient or partially grid connected. These are the differences.

Fully off grid.

This is a place where no mains grid is available. Perhaps due to huge costs for the national grid to run power or perhaps the desire to be self sufficient. In most case up until now these remote areas have relied upon diesel generators which have large running costs, currently an average home costs around £450 per month in fuel plus servicing.

With solar this can be achieved however the initial costs are usually slightly higher than a generator and lower than paying for the mains power supply. These systems are regularly designed using Solar PV to power the building along with battery storage to for extra power when required as well as at night. A small generator for times when power is low (typically winter) or the power requirement is very high. Systems without generator backup are possible however this is usually the most cost effective method and will depend on the site. The best way to calculate and design a system is to speak with one of our professional engineers. They can take you though the basic principals and possible costs of your project.

Partially off grid.  

When mains power is available but not desired or is intermittent.

The system is similar to the above consisting of solar pv, batteries and possibly wind turbine. The difference here is that the mains power can be used as a backup or generator saving thousands on maintenance and fuel costs. For a residential system bills can be reduced to almost 20% or lower if other energy steps are taken to increase efficiency. Costs for this style of system starts from £3200 plus a solar pv system. If you already have a solar pv system installed this can simply be added. A new system is not required.

Whether it be that your site is a remote location and has no access to grid power or that you want to be a fully self sufficiate operation we can design the ideal system to suit your needs.
Renewable energy as part of an on or off grid system goes a long way in helping businesses to address many of the environmental policies that are in place as well as giving your consumers piece of mind that you are a conciencious business.
In all areas companies are looking to reduce their operating costs. By installing efficient off grid systems companies can lower their fuel bills, and purchase power that is mobile, adaptable and expandable.
We have a no nonsense policy which means we quote our best price, first time.

We frequently are asked to supply power for a remote buildings. In most cases these are for a small lighting system and electric fence perhaps but sometimes an electric vehicle or mobility scooter.

We can design you an off grid power supply for you to install on site.

How do we do this:

first of all we need to know the area of the country/world in which it is to be installed? How much power or light you will require on a daily basis.

Typically DC systems are the most efficient and they are also the safest.

Contact us today and we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

We frequently are asked to supply power for a monitoring system. These can range from and include:

  • alarm systems
  • weather monitoring stations
  • water treatment centre data monitoring
  • oil rig system monitoring
  • CCTV recording and WiFi systems
  • Electric gate automation systems

All of these have one thing in common; they are sometimes installed or placed in areas where it is complicated or expensive to supply power to. We can solve this for you with an off grid power supply designed and even built for you to install on site.

How do we do this:

first of all we need to know the area of the country/world in which it is to be installed? How much power will it consume on a daily basis in watts and finally the operating voltage of the system?

Typically DC systems are the most efficient and it can be beneficial on a power supply basis to use more efficient equipment.

We have worked with some large infrastructure companies such as Enisca Browne, MET office, Carillion, The BBC as well as small businesses and installers alike.

Contact us today and we can advise you on the best solution for your project.

We can procde a power supply to your container conversion.

Recently there has been a move to use containers for a varienty of uses including portable offices, shower blocks, resiential and welfare habitation, glamping pods, and many other purposes.

The reason they are so popular is that they are easily converted as they are very angular, a standard size, can be transported easily, are available both new and used to cover most budgets and even the professionals are involved in this practice.

We can provide you power to these units with the addition of solar mounted either close by or even on the continer itself.

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