Saving Money with Caravan Solar Panels

What are caravan solar panels and how can they help me?

What are they used for?

Caravan solar panels are normally 12v solar battery chargers and are used to keep the caravan battery topped up. In the majority of cases, caravan solar panels are fairly small and actually only need to be small as they don’t have a big job to do. Caravans normally are used in conjunction with a mains hookup. so this takes care of the battery and the van when in use. The caravan solar panel is there to take care of the battery when it is not on a hook up. This is when it is in storage, or during the winter when you normally remove the battery and take it indoors. With a 12v solar panel kit you no longer have to do this. It will keep your battery in tip top condition.

Use a panel over 60w and it can also maintain a battery and caravan with an alarm or tracker in.

Over 80w in size and you can start to really appreciate the power during the summer months and use the van off grid or off a hook up. the mains powered devices will not work but running the main systems on gas and using the battery for lights and water pumps etc is usually all that is needed. The most common product is the 120w MPPT Solar panel kit.

What can they really do?

We can add lots of solar and convert your caravan into a full off grid vehicle. Livening up the mains sockets and giving you plenty of power to help charge mains plug in devices.

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