Digital Aerials

A caravan TV aerial or motorhome TV aerial can be used to pick up local TV stations. It is a digital TV aerial similar to the one found on your home and can be connected to your camping 12v TV to receive all your favorite channels.

They come in 2 main types:

Directional: Needs to be tuned when you arrive on site but has the ability to be more powerful and pick up the best reception.

Omni-Directional: Fully automatic and picks up all the channels when available. Slightly less powerful than a directional aerial but this is the no fuss option.

Detachable and removable aerials are also available upon request. The aerials listed below are the fully fitted type and we offer a fitting service at our AWS approved workshop.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a caravan or motorhome TV aerial fitting. Phone or Email

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