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2400W, 48V, 2.7kWh Deluxe Off-Grid Solar System

Complete solar kit for use with off-grid systems:

  • 2.4kw of solar will take up around 14 sqm of roof space.
  • Can generate up to 12kwh of energy on a good summer’s day.
  • For off-grid systems, this can significantly help with reducing generator run time.

This system includes everything needed to supply up to 2.4kw of power off-grid. Sunstore can pre-configure the system for you enabling the component to be in an operative state. All that will be required is that an electrician mounts the system to a suitable wall, connects the DC power to the battery bank, then the mains 240v power to your property. Please contact us for the costs of this service. Although there are over 500 settings to be learned and made, a pre-configured system will save you time and money.

Supplied with EPEVER 2400w inverter charger.