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Leisure battery is a generic term for batteries used in leisure applications such as boats, motorhomes, campervans and most commonly a caravan leisure battery 110ah.
Batteries that fall into the 12v leisure battery category are Flooded, Sealed, AGM, GEL and more recently the Lithium leisure battery.
Terms are banded around to promote a product such as deep cycle leisure battery. Only AGM and GEL types are true deep cycle batteries.

Which battery do I choose? Each battery type has strong points and weaknesses and the best leisure battery is the one best suited to your application.

Flooded leisure batteries are not commonly round these days as the sealed version is more popular and pretty much identical in performance but would the maintenance issues.

Sealed leisure battery is best suited for Caravans, motorhomes and boat habitation areas. The most common size is a 110 amp hour leisure battery. If you have a high load such as an electric fridge, motormover, inverter consider an AGM leisure battery or a GEL option as these are better suited.

AGM and GEL are more expensive but you do get what you pay for. They last longer, can be mounted on the side and will not leak, they have the ability to charge and discharge fast and can deep discharge regularly without significant performance loss.

Please see our Battery FAQ if you would like to learn more.

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