Off-grid Power for Construction Sites

Construction sites will often require their own power source. You will often be working to the sound of diesel generators providing power for tools, lights and site radios. But what if there was another way? What if you could generate enough power for your construction site without using a generator?

That’s where off-grid power comes in.

The benefits of off-grid power systems for construction sites include:

  • Silent energy generation
  • Renewable energy from solar or wind
  • Fully self-sufficient systems designed to cope with all conditions
  • Low maintenance and self-monitoring
  • Huge cost savings over the long term
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Can be scaled up to meet evolving needs

Say goodbye to noisy generators and diesel deliveries and say hello to clean, silent power from renewable sources!

Off-grid power systems for the construction industry

Sunstore can provide reliable, silent off-grid power systems designed specifically for the unique needs of the construction industry. We can specify hybrid systems to suit any requirement or containerised systems that are fully protected and ready to go.

Using renewable energy sources such as solar, these systems deliver consistent power throughout the day and night. Enough to power most of the needs of your construction site.

Systems can be scaled to deliver enough energy for any size and scope of your construction project.

Both our hybrid and containerised systems are protected from the elements and from damage. They can be installed quickly, require very little maintenance and monitoring and are a no-fuss method of generating reliable energy for remote or rural construction sites without a grid connection.

We can build off-grid energy systems to suit. They can include solar, wind turbines and even be hydroelectric if the site supports it.

Systems can be connected to a generator for times of high demand or as an emergency backup so you’re never left without power.

Low cost and low maintenance

One of the main benefits of renewable energy is the lack of moving parts. Off-grid power systems for construction can be supplied as a self-contained system that installs easily, can be set up quickly and be generating energy immediately.

There is very little maintenance required, minimal monitoring and very little you need to do to keep it running. Remote monitoring is an option should you need it.

Types of off-grid power systems for construction sites

There are two main types of off-grid energy systems we use for construction sites, hybrid and containerised.

Hybrid System: A skid mounted, compact solution for smaller construction sites. These off-grid solutions are able to supply smaller sites with modest energy requirements.

Containerised Hybrid System: A containerised off-grid energy system is a completely self-contained unit supplied in a steel container. It can be delivered to site and set up quickly. It is secure, tamper-proof and can include an automatic generator as an emergency backup.

Both types of off-grid system can be built to meet your specific requirements and be scaled up if required. Both can also include a backup generator for when you need extra power.

All off-grid power systems for construction sites can be paralleled and supply 3 phase 400v as well as 110v and 230v.

Each will be built to your specific requirements and delivered to site. Installation and setup can be included too!

If you need off-grid power for your construction site, contact our team on 01903 21 31 41.

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