Site power supplies can supply a GRID where none is available. It reduces the reliance and fuel demand of a traditional generator and increases the efficiency. Site power systems can also boost small grid connections to allow larger items to run on small supplies.

Benefits Include:

  • Silent power supply.
  • Remote monitoring and servicing including remote generator control.
  • Huge fuel efficiency gains and savings.
  • Lower carbon footprint.
  • Fast installation (deliver and switch on).

We can supply site power supplies of any size and capacity. This can be supplied in 2 forms: via our Hybrid Site skid-mounted system or a larger containerized solution.

Hybrid Site: A skid mounted, small and compact solution for smaller sites. Able to supply smaller power supplies and tools silently most of the time. Using a generator to help with those larger loads and the charge the battery on a regular basis. The outcome is the ability for a quiet power supply, especially at night and dramatically increased fuel efficiency over the working period.

Containerized Hybrid Site: Mostly for security, ease of use and automatic functions. A 10ft or larger container safely housing a fully automated power supply. Can include an automatic generator for extra quiet functionality.

Both above solutions are designed and built in-house to the required specification. Site power comes in 2 standard sizes that can be adjusted if need be.

All our systems can be paralleled and supply 3 phase 400v as well as 110v and 230v.

Solar Power, Wind Power and hydro systems can be incorporated to further reduce fuel costs for longer-term installations.

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