WattGrid hybrid power generators are a convenient solution for off-grid energy requirements. These fully self-contained units connect to a renewable energy source and can deliver usable power to your property with the minimum of installation.

The WattGrid hybrid generator has been designed as a single unit that contains all the components required to collect and store renewable energy, convert it into usable power and feed it into a property.

It can take renewable energy from solar panels, wind turbines or a generator and can be configured to suit your exact needs.

Highlights of WattGrid hybrid power generators include:

  • Self-contained units can be installed indoors or out
  • Generate renewable energy from solar, wind or generator
  • Straightforward installation with minimal intrusion
  • Can be expanded as required
  • Weatherproof unit can be installed inside or outside
  • Units are designed to be moved easily by forklift or crane

Units are available in a range of capacities from 1,600w up to 15,000w. All systems come with a 5 year product warranty.

WattGrid 1600

1,600w of power for cabins, static caravans and glamping pods with modest power requirements.

WattGrid 3000

3,000w of power for small homes, weekend retreats, workshops, small site offices or home offices.

WattGrid 5000

5,000w of power for energy-efficient properties, larger workshops, home offices and other off-grid properties.

WattGrid 8000

8,000w of power for standard family homes, larger site offices and small industrial sites.

WattGrid 10000

10,000w of power for larger homes, multiple smaller homes, microgrids and medium-sized industrial units.

WattGrid 15000

15,000w of power for large properties, multiple smaller properties, microgrids and larger commercial buildings.

Need Help Choosing a WattGrid Hybrid Generator?

You should pick a WattGrid hybrid generator that can accommodate your total constant load (in watts). This is the maximum power you will require at any one time.

For example, if you had a fridge (280w), freezer (280w), lighting (100w) and CCTV (60w) all on at the same time then your total constant load would be 720w.

You don’t need to include items that run for a short period of time, such as kettles, in this calculation as there are other solutions for providing a quick power boost without increasing the total capacity.

The table below can be used to help you find the most suitable unit once you know your total constant load.

Hybrid Generator Max. Constant Load
WattGrid 1600 1,200w
WattGrid 3000 2,400w
WattGrid 5000 4,400w
WattGrid 8000 6,500w
WattGrid 10000 8,000w
WattGrid 15000 12,000w

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

Sunstore offers six hybrid generator base systems. All of which can be upgraded with additional solar panels and batteries as required.

£9,153.40£16,153.40 including v.a.t.

WattGrid 1600 Hybrid Generator

The WattGrid 1600 hybrid generator can supply enough energy for small cabins or weekend properties, static caravans and other smaller properties with modest energy needs.

The system can generate 1,600w of usable energy from sustainable sources or a generator and store it in 2.4kwh lithium batteries ready for use. The system includes a 13A charger, 16A transfer switch and everything required to connect to the property.

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WattGrid 3000 Hybrid Generator

The WattGrid 3000 hybrid generator can supply the energy requirements of a weekend cottage, small home, workshop, site office or other small property.

This system can generate a steady 3,000w of usable energy to a property. Energy can be generated externally and stored in the 48v 4.8kwh lithium battery pack ready for use. Systems come complete with 35A charger, 16A transfer switch and all connectors.

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£10,496.00£17,946.00 including v.a.t.
£13,401.60£17,401.60 including v.a.t.

WattGrid 5000 Hybrid Generator

The WattGrid 5000 hybrid generator can supply renewable energy to an energy efficient home, smaller weekend retreat, workshop or outbuilding, site or home office.

The system generates a steady 5,000w of green energy generated from renewable sources or a generator and stores it in a 48v 9.5kwh lithium battery pack. The package includes a 70A charger, 50A transfer switch and all the connections necessary to connect the property.

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WattGrid 8000 Hybrid Generator

The WattGrid 8000 hybrid generator can deliver green energy to family homes, larger workshops, small industrial units or larger home or site offices.

The system delivers 8,000w of sustained energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines. That power is stored in a 48v 14.4kwh lithium battery bank ready for use. The unit includes all connections, 110A charger and a 110A transfer switch.

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£17,198.40£19,198.40 including v.a.t.
£18,996.70£19,996.70 including v.a.t.

WattGrid 15000 Hybrid Generator

The Watt Grid 15000 hybrid generator is capable of delivering enough green energy to power large homes, multiple energy-efficient homes, microgrids, larger industrial or commercial properties and most off-grid requirements.

The system can deliver a reliable 15,000w of usable energy and storing it in a 24kwh lithium battery bank. The system comes complete with a 200A charger, 100A transfer switch and all connections.

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WattGrid 15000

The WattGrid 15000 off-grid power system can generate enough sustainable energy to power large properties, multiple smaller properties, microgrids, larger commercial or industrial buildings.

The system is capable of generating 15,000w of sustained energy stored in 24kwh lithium batteries. This is enough energy for machinery, large appliances and the needs of most commercial activity.

The WattGrid 15000 is completely self-contained and requires minimal installation. The system comes complete with a 200A charger, 100A transfer switch and all connectors.

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WattGrid Upgrades & Installation

All WattGrid hybrid generators can be installed in just a couple of hours and upgraded with additional batteries and solar panels to suit your specific use case.

WattGrid Hybrid Generator Upgrade Options

We have designed the WattGrid hybrid generator range to deliver renewable energy in almost any situation.

Should you need something different, you can upgrade any stock unit with some useful upgrades.

Those upgrades include:

  • Solar panel packs complete with mountings
  • Extra 2.4kWh battery packs
  • Backup generator for energy security
  • All cabling required for installation

You can add any of these extras to your initial order or upgrade your WattGrid hybrid generator once installed.

Setting Up Your WattGrid Hybrid Generator

The WattGrid hybrid generator range was designed from the ground up to answer the most common questions around off-grid energy. Namely ease of use, simple installation, portability and affordability.

We think the range delivers on all counts!

The WattGrid hybrid generator is a self-contained unit secured from the weather and tampering by a strong steel case. It can be lifted into place by a forklift or crane and requires just a stable base.

The weatherproof unit means it can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on your needs.

Once installed, all you need to do is connect your solar panels, wind turbine or generator to the input. Then connect the output to the property. Minimal configuration and calibration is required before your unit begins delivering usable off-grid power.

Contact Sunstore today to discuss the WattGrid hybrid generator and how it can help you generate affordable off-grid power to any property!

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