Solar powered CCTV cameras are the perfect solution for maintaining security in remote or challenging environments. They can work with no grid connection, are entirely self-sufficient and can generate enough power to work almost indefinitely.

Solar powered CCTV cameras are ideal for:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial premises
  • Outdoor venues and outbuildings
  • Yards and grounds
  • Building and construction sites
  • Any remote areas with no grid connection

Who says remote, rural or challenging areas cannot be effectively secured?

Features of Solar Powered CCTV Cameras

Solar powered security cameras come as fully self-sufficient systems that can be installed in minutes and used for weeks with minimal maintenance.

Each solar powered CCTV camera can include:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Solar panels
  • Tower or gantry for secure support of the camera
  • Strong steel case to protect the internals
  • Robust battery pack that can store up to 21 days’ energy
  • Built-in PA system to issue warnings
  • Web monitoring feature with secure login
  • Onboard storage for recordings

Our standalone off-grid CCTV systems come as a complete system. They include batteries, cameras, recording equipment and everything required to protect any location, anywhere.

The solar panels generate sufficient energy to charge the internal battery even during relatively low light conditions. The battery can store up to 21 days’ worth of energy depending on the size, so even when the sun isn’t shining, you can still protect your property.

For extended periods of low light, you can connect a generator to the system to recharge the batteries.

If there is internet access at site, some of our solar powered CCTV cameras have remote logins where you can review footage or watch live. You can also record and play messages over the built-in PA.

Benefits of solar powered CCTV cameras

Solar powered CCTV cameras are a modern solution to an age-old problem. How can you efficiently and cost-effectively secure remote sites? How can you provide adequate security at events, outdoor venues, remote work sites and other properties that don’t have electricity?

The solar powered CCTV camera system from Sunstore answers all those questions.

  • It is self-contained with its own solar panels to generate energy and batteries to store it
  • It is flexible with towers, gantries or other method to position security cameras securely
  • The system is built of strong steel to prevent intrusion and interference
  • Batteries can power the system for up to 21 days without being recharged
  • The system can be placed anywhere on level ground
  • Systems are fully weatherproof and can withstand almost anything the climate can throw at them

As an added benefit, some solar powered CCTV cameras also have remote access if there is a WiFi connection or can store many hours of footage for later inspection.

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Solar powered CCTV camera installation

Installing solar powered CCTV cameras is simple. All you need is a little hard standing or flat ground. The platform can be delivered and set up in minutes.

Some systems can be installed using a forklift and the included forklift slots. The system can be sited, cameras aligned, solar panels set up and you can begin securing your property right away.

That means:

  • Less external wiring than traditional CCTV
  • No electrician needed
  • Products designed for optimum performance in all weather
  • Independent rechargeable power supply
  • No need to run vulnerable power cables
  • System can be moved depending on requirements
  • No grid connection necessary
  • Internet connection optimal but entirely optional

Using solar security cameras means security won’t be compromised by a mains power outage. The panels can generate energy even without direct sunlight and keep the batteries topped up.

Systems can be moved quickly and easily so can move with the event or the work, offering even more flexibility.

All of our solar kit products are MCS-certified and include long warranties. UK-wide delivery is available.

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All of our solar panel products and kits can be customised by our experts to suit individual needs and site requirements.

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