WattGrid hybrid power generators are ideal for the rail sector as they deliver portable, flexible energy in off-grid situations.

If you’re working in remote areas, need to power facilities with no grid connection or are working with unreliable generators, WattGrid hybrid power generators can help.

They can use renewable energy sources as input and can include a generator to boost output or charge batteries when renewables are insufficient. It’s a truly flexible temporary power solution ideal for the rail industry!

WattGrid hybrid power generators can be installed anywhere and can be connected and can generate power within hours. They are silent when using renewables, low maintenance and can be installed and moved quickly and easily too.

£9,153.40£16,153.40 including v.a.t.
£10,496.00£17,946.00 including v.a.t.
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£18,996.70£19,996.70 including v.a.t.

Hybrid power for the rail industry

WattGrid hybrid power generators can use a variety of inputs to generate energy.

Connect it to solar panels and/or a wind turbine for free, renewable power. Connect to a generator when renewables aren’t viable.

Either way, you get quiet, low impact power generation in a wide range of off-grid situations. Ideal for an industry that often works in remote areas or places without mains power!

WattGrid rail hybrid power is:

  • Self-contained and easy to install
  • Capable of generating energy silently from renewable sources
  • Able to use petrol or diesel generators for backup power
  • Very low maintenance with few moving parts
  • Weatherproof and able to be installed almost anywhere
  • Expandable to deliver sufficient power in any situation

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

Sunstore offers six hybrid generator base systems. All of which can be upgraded with additional solar panels and batteries as required.

Clean and quiet energy for the rail industry

The benefits of generating usable power from renewable sources is well known. Sources are free, infinite and produce no emissions. WattGrid enables you to harness those sources with minimal investment.

WattGrid hybrid power generators are designed to use renewable energy wherever possible to provide clean, green energy.

On those days with insufficient sunlight or wind, the backup generator can continue to keep the batteries charged and your facilities productive. Backup generators are efficient, low noise and low pollution.

The WattGrid generators are much quieter than standard petrol or diesel generators and will produce less fumes too. This makes them useful in tunnels, excavations and other areas unsuitable for standard generators.

WattGrid Upgrades & Installation

All WattGrid hybrid generators can be installed in just a couple of hours and upgraded with additional batteries and solar panels to suit your specific use case.

Temporary power for the rail industry

WattGrid hybrid power generators are a modular, self-contained system that can be installed and set up within hours. All it requires is a hard standing on level ground, a connection to energy sources and a connection to the facility to provide power.

WattGrid can be moved into place by forklift or crane and moved easily from site to site, making it ideal for rail use.

Maintenance requirements are minimal too. With very few moving parts, the system is designed to be self-sustaining and low maintenance while delivering reliable renewable energy.

WattGrid hybrid power generators are perfect for the unique needs of the rail industry. Contact one of our team today to discuss your needs!

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