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Our solar battery charger kits are specifically designed for all 12v battery charging applications and include all of the necessary items for an easy and comprehensive system installation.

In the motorhome and caravan industry, a solar leisure battery charger is needed to charge the “house” battery or the car battery. Larger kits make it possible to permanently fit a solar battery charger to the vehicle’s roof, so it becomes a solar leisure battery charger as well as a solar car battery charger, effectively trickle charging both batteries.

Smaller 12v camping solar chargers are more portable and can be used to charge power banks. Portable solar chargers come with a built-in regulator to protect the battery system.

All our chargers are compatible with car batteries, leisure batteries, GEL and AGM types.

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12v Solar Battery Charger FAQs

How does a solar battery charger work?

A solar battery charger takes energy generated from solar panels and feeds it into a leisure battery or battery bank. The charger will control how much and how fast the batteries are charged. It will also ensure batteries are not overcharged.

Is a solar battery charger included in a solar panel kit?

Yes, our solar panels kits usually include a solar battery charger. The kits are designed to provide the right amount of power with the right hardware in the right situation. You can upgrade parts of the kit if you like and we’ll be happy to advise on upgrades if you want to expand your current solar panel kit.

What is an MPPT solar battery charger?

An MPPT solar battery charger is the most efficient charger around. The MPPT stands for ‘Maximum Power Point Tracking’ and is an electronic charger that uses intelligence to provide exactly the right amount of charge to the battery in every situation. They can be much more efficient than standard chargers but are more expensive due to their complexity.

What size solar battery charger should I buy?

Most of our solar panel kits come with the correct size charger but if you’re building your own solar panel setup, you can use this basic calculation. Add the total watts of solar panels and divide by either 14.4 for 12v systems, 28.8 for 24v or 58.8 for 48v systems. Alternatively, talk to one of our team who would be happy to help.

What do all these energy terms mean?

There are three main terms you need to be familiar with when buying a solar battery charger. Watts (W) is a power rating made up of current in amps (A) x voltage in volts (V).

Kilowatt hours (kWh) is power in watts (W) x time in hours (h) and Battery capacity is measured in amp hours (Ah) which is energy in watt hours (Wh) / voltage in volts (V).

Can I not just charge the battery directly from a solar panel?

You could charge a battery directly from a solar panel but it wouldn’t end well! Solar panels would provide constant power during daylight hours, potentially overcharging and cause the battery to gas. A solar battery charger ensures the battery is charged steadily and not overcharged to help maintain longevity and safety.

How do I connect a solar battery charger to my system?

All solar panel kits come with full installation instructions and we provide professional installation if required, but to answer the question, you connect your solar battery charger to your batteries and then the solar panels to the charger. That way you’re ensuring everything is ready to accept the energy before you begin feeding that energy into the system.

How long will a solar battery charger last?

Our solar battery chargers are some of the best that money can buy and are designed to last many thousands of charges. Much will depend on how it was installed, its operating conditions and how often it is used but you can reasonably expect many years of faithful service from your solar battery charger.

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