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Portable solar panels are designed for easy “PLUG and PLAY” installation to charge your 12v battery.

12v Solar briefcases are the most popular as they offer a simple all-in-one design and come with a 5 year UK warranty.

12v portable solar panel kits come with everything required to connect and top up your battery using the power of the sun safely and efficiently. These kits mean no risk of overcharging and your battery will be maintained daily.

We only use the highest quality components in the building of these products.

Ideal for weekend trips, battery boosting or permanent charging in remote, off-grid areas. Portable solar panels for caravans and the smaller portable solar panels for camping are highly versatile.

Any concerns or if you wish to talk to a technician about which one is right for you, please contact [email protected] or call 01903213141

Want help choosing a solar panel kit? Speak to an expert on 01903 21 31 41