Grid connected solar battery storage systems have many uses.
  • most commonly they can store energy from solar panels when it is not being used by the home or business and save it for later when it is needed.This increases the usefullness of solar panels directly to the owner.
  • using a night tariff system can reduce day time electricity costs. Charging up at low tariff times and discharging during peak times. This will become more common in the future.
  • boosting limited supplies. If you have a 13A supply for example we can charge batteries slowly when you are using under 13A then it is available to run large devices say, 32A whilst the batteries have capacity.
  • commercially for grid balancing and avoiding premium power spike costs.
Batteries are evolving fast and recent price drops in the lithium-ion sector mean that these modern technologies are now a viable option for adding Solar Battery storage to an existing home solar PV system.
Renewable energy coupled with solar battery storage as part of an on grid system goes a long way in helping businesses to address many of the environmental policies that are in place as well as giving your consumers piece of mind that you are a conscientious business.
In all areas companies are looking to reduce their operating costs. By installing efficient off grid systems companies can lower their fuel bills, and purchase power that is mobile, adaptable and expandable.
We have a no nonsense policy which means we quote our best price, first time.

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