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Motorhome solar panels: are used to charge the 12v leisure battery and commonly the 12v engine battery.

Which Size: The most popular motorhome solar panel kit we sell is the 120w MPPT kit. This kit is currently a good compromise in power, price and size. An 80w solar panel kit is adequate for most applications in the summer months but the 120w brings extra reliability. If you would like to understand more about this product, such as which size is best for you, or if you wish to discuss having your motorhome solar panel fitted professionally please look at our FAQs or contact our technical team.

Great quality: Full UK warranty and 30 day money back guarantee.

Want help choosing a solar panel kit? Contact a Sunstore expert

Motorhome Solar Panels FAQs

What’s included with a motorhome solar panel kit?

A motorhome solar panel kit includes everything you need to generate and use green energy in your vehicle.

That can include solar panels, mounts and wiring for the panel, a charge controller to manage batteries, leisure battery to store the energy and cables to make everything work.

What size motorhome solar panel do I need?

The size of the motorhome solar panel you need depends on the size of your van’s roof and the amount of energy you need. You have to balance the size of the panel, its generation potential and how much energy you would need on a regular basis.

The Sunstore Solar team are always on hand to advise on anything to do with motorhome solar panels.

Where can I install a campervan solar panel?

Campervan solar panels can be installed on the roof or be freestanding, depending on your van configuration or particular needs.

A fixed panel will usually be roof mounted and bonded into place so we don’t need to drill holes or cut your roof. It can generate energy while on the move.

Freestanding solar panels can be placed anywhere once you park and connect to your system to charge batteries. You cannot generate energy while on the move but they require no installation.

Can you install my motorhome solar panel for me?

Yes, we can install your motorhome solar panel for you. We provide DIY solar panel kits you can install yourself and also provide a full fitting service.

The advantages of a fitting service include extended warranties for some components, installation by experienced professionals and the confidence in knowing that installation has been performed correctly. We also offer full warranty on all installations.

Which is best: a flexible solar panel or rigid solar panel?

There is no best between flexible solar panels or rigid solar panels. There is only the panel that’s right for your needs and the van in question.

Rigid panels need mounting systems and an air gap between the panel and the roof. This makes the panel stand out a little more and may require drilling holes into your roof.

Flexible panels are bonded to the van’s roof and sit flush. Using flexible solar panels can avoid the need for holes in your roof but cannot be upgraded as easily as rigid panels.

Do I need to declare campervan solar panels on my insurance?

We would say yes, you do need to declare campervan solar panels on your insurance.

Technically, you should declare any addition or modification to a vehicle to your insurer. We recommend doing this to ensure you are fully covered but also so the expense of replacing stolen or damaged panels is covered by your policy.

To book a fitting for your motorhome, caravan, campervan or boat please visit our sister company the Motorhome Workshop.

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