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Our ready-to-install DIY solar system kits include certified products, with everything needed to self-install solar panels for supply of renewable, efficient energy for homes, outbuildings and leisure vehicles.

Kits are provided for free-standing or fixed use and include DIY solar panels, fixing or mounting features, charge controller, wiring and cables. All of our solar kit products are certified and include long warranties.

Choosing the right kit and using DIY install can be a way of achieving off-grid power and energy self-sufficiency in off-grid areas. It can also be a much more economical way of gaining power compared to the costs of mains cable installation.

For on-grid and partial-grid areas, DIY solar kits also offer a way of reducing power costs and improving access to power in areas where power cuts are frequent.
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Need to understand more about how our kit products work? Check out our FAQ page.

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Want to talk over the technical side? Our team also offers system advice and technical know-how.

Can’t see what you need? Any of our DIY solar panel kits can be customised by our experts to suit individual needs and meet your power requirements.

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DIY Solar System FAQs

What do your solar systems include?

Our solar systems include everything you need to begin generating renewable energy. That includes a solar panel, panel mount, charge controller, wiring and cables and full fitting instructions. It’s all you need to install a fully functioning solar energy system.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels work as part of an overall solar system. Photons from the sun hit the panel and excite electrons within the panel. Those electrons then move between positive and negative sides of the panel to create a circuit, which generates power. That power is then sent to a charge controller and on to the batteries that store the power for use later.

How does a solar system store energy?

A solar system is designed to generate and store energy for later use. The solar panel generates the energy, the charge controller feeds that energy to the battery and the battery connects to the building or vehicle. Depending on the system, there may be an inverter between the battery and the building or vehicle to change stored DC current to AC current ready for use by appliances and electronics.

How much energy can be generated by a solar system?

The amount of energy that can be generated by a solar system depends on the size of the system. Typically, a motorhome solar system will generate from around 100w at 12v up to 4500w at 48v. Much depends on budget and energy requirements and the size of the motorhome.

Roof mount or free standing solar system?

Roof mount solar panels utilise otherwise unused roof space on a caravan or motorhome and can generate energy on the move or when parked. They are harder to upgrade and require installation, perhaps including drilling holes in your roof.

Free standing can be moved to always face the sun but need setting up. They cannot generate energy on the move or when your vehicle is unattended. They are easier to upgrade though.

How easy is it to install a solar system?

We would say it is relatively easy to install a solar system. The process is logical and we provide full installation instructions with every kit. We have also produced a video outlining the process. If you’re confident with tools and can follow a basic wiring diagram you should be fine.

Motorhome Workshop does provide a full installation service if you prefer though. Just contact us to discuss your needs.

Will solar systems still generate energy when it’s overcast?

Solar systems will generate energy when it’s overcast. It will generate less energy than in direct sunlight but it will still generate. Solar panels absorb photons from the sun. They are present in daylight, whether that’s bright sunlight or more overcast days. There are more photons in direct sunlight but they are still present in other weather conditions too.

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