Hybrid power systems use a combination of renewable sources to provide reliable energy for almost any situation. Combining wind, solar and generator backup, hybrid power systems can provide off-grid energy in most conditions.

WattGrid hybrid power systems from Sunstore are complete, off-grid energy generation systems provided in a self-contained chassis that can be connected and generating within hours.

They include all the components needed to collect, store and provide permanent or temporary power anywhere, at any time.

£9,153.40£16,153.40 including v.a.t.
£10,496.00£17,946.00 including v.a.t.
£13,401.60£17,401.60 including v.a.t.
£17,198.40£19,198.40 including v.a.t.
£18,996.70£19,996.70 including v.a.t.

What is hybrid power?

Hybrid power uses multiple energy sources to deliver reliable power when and where you need it most. It lends itself well to the changeable British climate and means there are few days when you’re not generating free, clean energy.

WattGrid hybrid power combines solar with wind to provide clean energy. There are few days in the UK when there is insufficient light for solar panels and fewer days when there’s no wind to turn the turbine.

When that happens, WattGrid has an efficient Honda generator as temporary power backup to keep you going. WattGrid can also work with your existing generator if required.

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

Sunstore offers six hybrid generator base systems. All of which can be upgraded with additional solar panels and batteries as required.

Advantages of hybrid power generation

Hybrid power takes into account the changeable conditions we get in the UK. It uses solar panels for primary energy generation with a wind turbine to supplement it or take over when there is insufficient sunlight.

Where solar systems depend on having adequate sunlight, hybrid systems can work on cloudy or rainy days. There are few days a year when there is no wind, so having a wind turbine as part of the mix means more power on more days.

Hybrid power systems also include generator backup for temporary power on those few occasions when there is low light and no wind. They can be provided with their own backup generator or use your existing generator.

Our systems use efficient Honda generators to deliver low noise, low emission energy with the minimum disruption. We can work with your generator too if required.

WattGrid Upgrades & Installation

All WattGrid hybrid generators can be installed in just a couple of hours and upgraded with additional batteries and solar panels to suit your specific use case.

Cheap, renewable off-grid energy

If you could generate free, renewable energy for a modest outlay, why wouldn’t you? If you could deliver power to off-grid locations without having to spend a fortune installing a grid connection, wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

That’s exactly what you get with WattGrid.

WattGrid can help you:

Save money – Generate free renewable energy in most weather conditions in almost any location. Efficient Honda generators used as backup are cheap to run too.

Reduce carbon emissions – Renewables are the future and provide emission-free energy. Even the generator backup has been specially selected to minimise emissions as much as possible.

Reduce CO2 – We all know that CO2 emissions are contributing to climate change and WattGrid offers a way around that. Emission-free energy generation with an efficient generator for temporary power on those few days you might need it.

Provide reliable energy in most situations – By covering both solar and wind, WattGrid covers most weather conditions in the UK. You don’t need bright sunlight to generate energy from solar but for darker overcast days, the wind turbine is there to help.

Deliver energy anywhere – WattGrid is a fully self-contained off-grid energy system. It can be installed by crane or forklift and be working in hours. It can be moved between sites and requires very little installation and just a hard standing to begin working.

Keep maintenance costs low – WattGrid hybrid energy systems have few moving parts and require very little maintenance. Regular checks on the batteries and monitoring of input and output are usually enough.

WattGrid is an efficient way to generate renewable energy in off-grid situations. It’s flexible, available in a range of capacities, can be moved and installed quickly and works with the British climate.

What more could you want from a hybrid power system?

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