Hybrid power systems for the telecoms industry deliver flexible, clean energy for backups or off-grid situations.

Our WattGrid series of self-contained energy generation systems that use a combination of sun, wind and generator backup to deliver clean, renewable energy 24/7.

WattGrid is ideal for the telecoms industry because it can be installed anywhere, can work fully off grid, combines renewable power sources for reliable generation and has the security of generator backup for temporary power.

Simply install onto a hard standing, connect to the energy source, connect to your equipment and you could be generating clean energy in hours!

£9,153.40£16,153.40 including v.a.t.
£10,496.00£17,946.00 including v.a.t.
£13,401.60£17,401.60 including v.a.t.
£17,198.40£19,198.40 including v.a.t.
£18,996.70£19,996.70 including v.a.t.

What is hybrid power for telecoms?

Hybrid power describes the use of multiple energy sources to generate energy. In the case of WattGrid, that’s solar and wind. The system connects to solar panels and a wind turbine to generate energy in the most prevalent conditions in the UK.

There are rarely days when there is too little light for solar and too little wind for a turbine. In those situations, you have the security of an efficient Honda generator for temporary power.

Generators are quiet, very efficient and offer a reliable backup with less noise, fumes and inconvenience than other types of generators.

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

Sunstore offers six hybrid generator base systems. All of which can be upgraded with additional solar panels and batteries as required.

Advantages of off-grid hybrid power for telecoms

Hybrid power is ideal for the telecoms industry because of its flexibility, reliability and low maintenance. When you have installations across the country, often outside the National Grid, you need dependable energy you can count on.

The UK’s changeable climate means depending purely on solar or wind is unfeasible. Combining the two into a hybrid system covers the vast majority of conditions we have here.

Solar panels can generate clean energy in all but the dullest conditions and there is rarely a day without wind on our island. Combine the two and you have an energy generation solution that covers most situations!

WattGrid Upgrades & Installation

All WattGrid hybrid generators can be installed in just a couple of hours and upgraded with additional batteries and solar panels to suit your specific use case.

Clean, quiet off-grid energy generation

WattGrid will primarily use renewables for energy generation. On those days when there is too little sunlight for solar and too little wind for the turbine, you have a generator backup for temporary power.

Our efficient generators are clean, quiet and much easier to be around than standard petrol or diesel generators. That’s better for neighbours, better for the environment and better for minimising running costs!

Flexible renewable energy

WattGrid is a modular system that comes in a self-contained chassis. It can be installed in hours, can be moved between sites and be expanded if required.

All it needs is a hard standing, connection to solar panels and the wind turbine and a connection to your equipment. It can be connected, calibrated and charging the batteries within hours!

Maintenance is minimal too. With few moving parts, WattGrid is largely self-sufficient. Simple checks on battery levels and fuel for the generator and it’s ready to go!

WattGrid is perfect for the telecoms industry. It’s flexible, scalable and reliable. What more could you need from an off-grid hybrid power system?

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