The construction industry is an equipment intensive sector that demands steady, reliable power for site safety, tools, administration and all manner of uses. If you work in the construction industry and need a reliable temporary power option for emergencies, WattGrid can help.

WattGrid is a hybrid power unit that uses solar or wind as primary energy sources with a generator backup. It can generate clean, renewable energy for building and construction sites anywhere in the country.

Available in capacities from 1,600w up to 15,000w, Sunstore Solar’s WattGrid off-grid power solutions deliver silent energy wherever you need it most.

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

£9,153.40£16,153.40 including v.a.t.
£10,496.00£17,946.00 including v.a.t.
£13,401.60£17,401.60 including v.a.t.
£17,198.40£19,198.40 including v.a.t.
£18,996.70£19,996.70 including v.a.t.

Renewable hybrid power for construction

Construction sites are often noisy places but who wants to add to that with a noisy generator? Wouldn’t you rather use a silent, renewable energy system that uses solar or wind?

WattGrid hybrid power units have minimal running costs, minimal maintenance overhead and can be installed and configured in a couple of hours. They are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and able to deliver energy night or day.

If there’s no sun or wind, a built-in generator will produce the required energy for your site.

Renewables are the way forward, everyone knows that. The ability to use renewable energy without compromising on how we live and work is the key to the viability of renewables. That’s exactly what WattGrid delivers.

WattGrid Hybrid Power Generators

Sunstore offers six hybrid generator base systems. All of which can be upgraded with additional solar panels and batteries as required.

Flexible temporary power solutions for construction

WattGrid hybrid power units are self-contained and require minimal setup and configuration.

They can be installed on any flat hardstanding, lifted in by crane or forklift and be set up in a couple of hours. Just connect the unit to the solar panels and/or wind turbine and connect it to your site’s grid.

Once configured, the unit can begin charging the batteries and generate power within a couple of hours.

WattGrid can be moved from site to site easily. They are self-contained units with everything inside a tough, weatherproof container. Simple to install, easy to set up and requires minimal maintenance.

With no moving parts, the only time you need to check on it is if you use the generator!

You can add any of these extras to your initial order or upgrade your WattGrid hybrid generator once installed.

WattGrid Upgrades & Installation

All WattGrid hybrid generators can be installed in just a couple of hours and upgraded with additional batteries and solar panels to suit your specific use case.

Quieter and cheaper to run than generators

The typical energy backup solution for construction is a petrol or diesel generator. They are noisy, smelly and give off fumes. Your workers may be able to ignore those things but residents and those around the site won’t.

WattGrid is silent when powered by renewables. The only time it makes a noise is when its own generator kicks in. It uses a quiet and efficient Honda generator that’s inside the unit. It makes noise but is much quieter than most site generators!

You should rarely have to use it though. If you use hybrid power, you generate energy through solar and wind. When in the UK is it not sunny or windy?

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