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Solar kits, solar battery chargers and solar panels for caravans. From 10w to 120w and larger (contact us) our solar systems will allow your caravan to go further. From a short weekend break to month long breaks you can use solar power your holiday.

Lights, water pumps, TV’s and even your fridge can be run from solar. Using a 12v Solar Panel Kit for your caravan is an ideal way to ensure that your battery is maintained to the highest standard. After the winter period of little to no use a solar panel will ensure that the battery is not flat. It will act as a 12v Solar Battery Charger.
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When you are away and parked up you will no longer have to plug in to a power source or run your engine or generator as the battery level reduces. Use one of our easy to install kits and it will end up saving you money. Install a caravan Solar Panel Kit and you may never have to run a generator or plug in to a power supply again.

With every professional quality 12v Solar Panel Kit we use the highest grade components to make sure that when they are used in these harsh conditions reliability is not compromised. Every caravan Solar Panel Kit comes with a full 5 year warranty, low prices and our technical backup.

Our kits are easy to install but if you don’t have time or would prefer a professional to install it we can help. We have a network of approved installers around the UK. Call or email us and we will recommend a local company.

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Caravan Solar Panel FAQs

What do caravan solar panel kits include?

Our caravan solar panel kits include everything you need to begin generating renewable energy. That means a 12v solar panel, mountings, charge controller, wiring and cables and full installation instructions.

What type of caravan solar panels do you stock?

There are two main types of caravan solar panel, thin film and crystalline. Thin film is flexible and cost-effective while crystalline is thicker and less flexible but more efficient and more expensive. Which you choose depends on how you want to fit your panel and how much energy you need to generate.

Roof mount or free standing caravan solar panel kits?

Both roof mounted caravan solar panels and free standing panels generate power. Roof mounted can be fixed into place using empty space on your roof and can generate energy even when you’re not there. Free standing can be directed directly at the sun but needs to be set up and cannot recharge batteries on the move or when you’re not there.

Do caravan solar panels generate power when it’s overcast?

Yes, caravan solar panels do generate power when it’s overcast. While they perform at their best in direct sunlight, they can still generate electricity on cloudy days. It will take longer to recharge a battery on overcast days but it can still happen.

Can I generate enough energy to power a household appliance?

Yes, you can generate enough solar energy to power a household appliance. Much will depend on what type of appliance it is but you can definitely power caravan versions of appliances and can power standard household appliances. You’ll need a solar panel sufficient to generate the energy and an inverter to change DC current into AC though.

How are caravan solar panels installed?

There are two main ways that caravan solar panels are installed. One is to bond the panel directly onto the roof. The other is to use a roof mount that holds the panel in place on the roof. Much depends on the type of panel you use, but both provide safe, efficient ways to secure a panel into place.

Are your caravan solar panel kits DIY fit?

Our caravan solar panels are DIY fit but we do offer professional installation if you would prefer we did it for you. There are benefits to having panels installed by experts. We can do it within our AWS-approved workshop, our team are experts at this and all parts and labour come with full guarantees.

How easy is it to install a caravan solar panel kit?

We would say it is relatively easy to install a caravan solar panel kit. Every kit comes with full installation instructions and we provide videos outlining the process. Anyone confident with power tools and who can follow basic wiring instructions should be fine.

To book a fitting for your motorhome, caravan, campervan or boat please visit our sister company the Motorhome Workshop.

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