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Sheep are famous for escaping their pastures, so keeping them where you want them can be difficult.

Basic electric fences seem an option, but are not ideal. Sheep and goats are well-insulated animals and require a more powerful shock than many standard electric fence systems can cope with – using a basic battery means the battery can run down fast.

Why use a solar fence kit for sheep and goats?

With our solar powered electric fence kits, the battery is powered by a fixed or portable solar charger.

Our solar electric fence kits and sheep fence kits offer:

  • An easy, durable and weather-proof solution for creating boundaries for sheep.
  • The convenience of solar top-up to the battery, rather than having to carry heavy batteries across pastures.
  • Easy mains boosting during winter months (if sheep are remaining out to pasture).
  • An affordable alternative to replacing and charging mains batteries.

Sheep fence kits are provided for free-standing or fixed use and include MCS-certified solar charger panels, fixing or mounting features and cables.

We have a full range of compatible batteries and our expert team can offer product advice on 01903 21 31 41.

Can’t see what you need?

Any of our solar electric fence kits can be customised by our experts to suit individual needs and meet your power requirements. Contact us for help.

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