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Sustaining reliable power can be a problem on boats such as yachts. Batteries need to be kept topped up regularly and running the engine just to do so may not be the greenest of solutions.

Marine solar panels can be a great option for providing the clean energy required to keep batteries topped up in a low-maintenance way. Marine products are particularly suitable as solar panels for boats as they are designed and manufactured for optimum performance in the wettest of all-weather conditions.

Our high-quality yacht solar kits include the components needed to achieve power independently – whether the yacht is at the marina or on the water. Our kits are easy to install and come with a choice of flexible solar panels, to help with fitting to all kinds of yacht and boat designs.

The solar panels used are MCS-certified and include long warranties. We also offer a great choice of compatible, high-performance batteries so you can achieve the maximum efficiency and reliability from your solar kit system.

Not sure what you need?

Calculating your yacht’s power requirements is essential to start with, so you know exactly how much power your marine solar panel system will need to generate. Our expert team can help you with the calculations and offer free product advice and technical information – just call us on 01903 21 31 41.

Can’t find what you want?

That’s no problem either. Our yacht solar kits are fully customisable with a range of alternative marine solar panels . We can organise the right components to meet your individual needs. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

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