Cost is a significant factor when designing off-grid solar power systems. It is often a limiting factor so careful consideration should be given to ensuring you design the right system for your needs without overspending or trying to cut corners so your system doesn’t deliver.

The cost of off-grid solar is directly related to the daily average power consumption and maximum power consumption. The larger the single load or average daily load, the larger the battery bank and inverter must be. These have a direct impact on cost.

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Average Cost of Off-grid Solar

The real cost of an off-grid solar power system varies depending on application but some ballpark figures may help you decide which is suitable for your needs.

  • A 4.4kw power supply, 10kwh AGM battery bank, 4.4kw of solar, 8kw generator suitable for a 3 bedroom property costs in the region of £16,500.
  • A smaller 2.4kw power supply, 10kwh WET battery bank, 2.4kw of Solar, 5kw generator suitable for a smaller property or weekend retreat costs in the region of £12,000.

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Solar Power Off-grid Cost Influencers

Large single loads require a large enough inverter to power them. A larger inverter draws large currents and larger battery bank is required to support this power.

A larger daily average load may have a smaller inverter but will require a larger battery bank to support the power throughout the day.

Using higher quality equipment is good for reliability and longevity. This can cost more in the first instance but in many cases can save ongoing and replacement costs during the working life of the system.

Higher quality items are items such as:

  • AGM or Gel Batteries, Lithium Batteries
  • Pure sine inverters from a recognised supplier such as Victron
  • High power and compact up to date solar panels
  • MPPT solar charge controllers
  • Tried and tested generators from manufacturers such as Stephill, SDMO or Honda

All of our home systems are of the highest quality as we believe that reliability is key and once you have power, a blackout is a disastrous thought!

Our smaller off-grid systems are all designed using Victron equipment where possible to ensure reliability. We don’t believe in cutting corners and Victron delivers reliability and capability for a sensible cost.

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