Going off-grid and generating your own clean energy has never been so accessible. Prices are coming down, systems are becoming more efficient and off-grid solar kits provide everything you need to install, set up and begin generating your own renewable energy.

But what is the best off-grid solar kit? What type of kit is best for what situation?

As off-grid solar kits are graded by the energy they produce, let us break down this overview in the same way. We will begin with the smaller kits and work our way up to the largest DIY solar power kits you can buy.

100W – 500W Off-grid Solar Kits

100W – 500W off-grid solar kits are the smallest solar power systems you can buy. They are suitable for small installations such as garages, caravans, outhouses, boats and installations with very low energy requirements.

As an example, a 100W solar panel kit could power a couple of light bulbs and perhaps a phone charger. A 200W panel could power a few more lights in a garage or shed and the 300W could charge power tools or a water pump.

500W – 1kW Off-grid Solar Kits

500W – 1kW off-grid solar kits are suitable for installations with higher energy requirements such as sheds, workshops, static caravan or boat.

A 600W kit for example could power a small portable refrigerator, charge power tools, run a couple of light bulbs and satisfy relatively modest power requirements.

The 900W solar power system could power a workshop, garage, caravan or boat with slightly higher energy requirements. It could generate enough energy to run several light bulbs, smaller appliances and other common power uses.

Our Best Low Consumption Off-grid Solar Kits

1kW – 3kW Off-grid Systems

1kW – 3kW off-grid systems are not quite enough to power your main home but could be enough for a weekend cabin, outbuilding, home office, holiday home, summer house or workshop.

A 1200W off-grid solar kit would generate enough energy to run a small refrigerator, small appliances, charge a phone and run a couple of light bulbs.

The larger 2400W systems could provide clean energy for a larger appliance, a TV, light bulbs, power tools and more frequent usage.

The largest 2700W runs at 48V and is capable of managing small off-grid homes, holiday homes or cabins with modest power requirements. This kit is your entry into full off-grid living.

3kW – 7kW Off-grid Systems

3kW – 7kW off-grid systems generate enough energy for a small eco home or off-grid property. They are also suitable for home offices, larger workshops or outbuildings, cabins and other applications.

The 3660W off-grid system can generate enough renewable energy for a small eco home or holiday home. It isn’t quite enough for a family home or large property but is easily enough for smaller applications.

4500W kits generate enough energy for medium-sized appliances, power tools, pumps and other requirements. It could also power a smaller off-grid property, larger home office or outbuilding.

Our Best Off-grid Solar Kits for Homes

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10kW Solar Kit

The 10kW solar kit is currently the largest off-grid solar kit available and can generate up to 55kW of usable energy per day. This is enough for a larger off-grid property, holiday home, cabin or other application. It is also enough to power the average family home with sensible power usage.

The 10kW solar kit will also likely generate enough energy to make it worth connecting to the grid and access a feed-in tariff. So not only can you generate clean, renewable energy, it could also pay for itself by supplying the grid too!

Off-grid Solar Kits

Each off-grid solar kit comes with everything necessary to generate power. Kits include solar panels, batteries, solar inverter, charge controller, cables and connections and everything necessary to begin generating clean energy.

These are all DIY solar kits that could be installed with basic DIY knowledge, careful planning and attention to detail. We would suggest having a qualified electrician check it over before using it though.

You could arrange for fitting too if you would prefer!

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