Learn more about 12v Solar Panel

A 12v solar panel is used in small solar applications to power on 12v electrical and electronic devices. These applications refer to motor homes and caravans or small solar installations like a shed or a garage. The size of your panel is dependent on the purpose you want the panel for.

The size of the panel varies. From 5 watts, 10 watts and 30 watts and is quite useful for charging your mobile phone, iPods, digital cameras and other such items.

You also have a 12v solar panel ranging from 80 watts to over 250w watts. In a motorhome or caravan, as a general indicator these panels are ideal for taking care of your appliances like compression refrigerators, television sets, satellite receivers, microwave ovens and other similar appliances on a prat time basis. Full of grid systems are available for other applications. Please contact us and let us know the details and we can help design the system for you.

A 12v solar panel is a very convenient and eco friendly way of generating electricity especially in remote conditions. Once you install these panels, you will not have to worry about any maintenance at all. In order to build a 12v solar system you will need batteries and a solar regulator (charge controller) to store the solar energy. By storing the solar energy in the batteries you can ensure that you have sufficient back up power irrespective of the weather conditions. You can use this back up power to take of your lighting, cooking, water heating and cleaning needs.
Fitting 12v solar panels helps in bringing down costs. Since these panels are ideally suited for motor homes and caravans, you can bring down your traveling costs drastically. This is because the 12 v solar panels absorb the energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to meet all your needs at no cost at all unlike traditional forms of generating electricity. There is only an initial cost involved for purchasing and installing the solar panels. Once the panels are installed there is no recurring expenditure involved like maintenance, etc. This naturally helps you save on fuel costs when you are traveling.
No wonder 12v solar panels are very popular amongst people who have motor homes, caravans and other such vehicles.
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