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The Great Bear Stakeout

BBC Bristol has recently aired a documentary called The Great Bear Stakeout.

Sunstore were contacted about supplying a Solar Energy Solution for keeping the batteries of the documentary teams’ equipment powered up.

We are very proud to have provided a Solar Energy Solution to BBC Bristol for powering their equipment in the remote wilderness of Alaska. We supplied BBC Bristol with several 85w Solar Battery Charger Briefcases and a Battery Monitor (designed and built in-house specifically for this project) as a complete Solar Energy Solution. We also assembled a Wiring Loom for them so that they could charge the main battery bank with Solar Energy and then charge all of their cameras from that source.

We opted to go with the 85w Solar Battery Charger Briefcase as the Solar Panels for our Solar Energy Solution because they are a good compromise between size and power. The 85w Solar Battery Charger Briefcase is capable of producing up to 65ah of Solar Energy per day, measure only 56cm x 64cm x 8cm when closed and only weighs 11.5kg. This makes it an ideal Solar Energy Solution for a documentary team travelling through the Alaskan wilderness.

We are very proud to have been able to help BBC Bristol with this project and look forward to providing Solar Energy Solutions for any future projects they feel may need to be powered by Solar Energy.

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