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Park Home Solar Panel Installation

Park homes are very popular these days with the quality of the buildings being built to a very high standard. Low running costs and efficient living along with well placed and naturally beautiful sites make them a very attractive alternative to standard construction homes.

The biggest issue we find with these homes is the heating. With a lot of sites not having mains gas, this means bottled gas is the alternative along with electric. However, bottled gas can be expensive. In contrast, electric heating is inefficient compared to gas but easier to install and requires lower maintenance than constantly changing bottles over.

Regardless of the heating type though, electricity is one of the largest bills any park home may have. Fitting solar panels to your park home is an obvious option. Standard construction homes have been taken advantage of the Feed In Tariff or FiT scheme since 2010  – saving money by significantly reducing the electricity bills, along with the money back incentive for every KWH that is generated. It is a great idea and the take up has been very popular.

So why can’t park homes not take advantage of this offer?

Well, they can! But there are a couple of issues which may complicate the installation and system registration:

  1. You need to have your own registered MPAN. The MPAN is effectively a serial number given to you by the power company. It defines your address individually. Sometimes in park homes, the site manager will have the MPAN and then SUB METERS will be in place to divide up your power and bill. When you contact us we will be able to check your status but as a general rule is if you pay your bill to the site manager it could be complicated. If you pay your bill to a UK power company and have your own meter the chances are high that registration will be possible. There are several opinions available and each case should be examined carefully. Contact us for help with this and we will make the necessary checks.
  2. Structure of the building and roof covering. These roof structures and coverings on park homes are very different to brick built homes and this is where our experience helps. As we install panels on all types of structures including boats, huts and barns etc we have the knowledge to overcome any issues. Each home manufacture is slightly different and we ensure the structure is checked before an installation begins. We will require the manufacturer details and model number of the home. If there is a serial number this will be beneficial as well as details of the custom structure may be kept on file.

Below is a park home solar installation by Sunstore Solar.

It should be noted that using low profile mounts and black panels, we reduced the impact visually as much as possible and this customer is now saving money from the 2.5kw system, plus an annual income on top.

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