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Power and Electricity

We perform everything power related for motorhomes, campervans, boats, trailer and caravans.

From simply changing your leisure battery or upgrading to full blown off grid 240v power supplies and LPG generators. We can also help you with your vehicle conversion.

Most leisure vehicles come standard with a 12v leisure battery based power supply. This runs items such as the water pump, lights, radio and electronic controls on the gas powered heaters and other devices.

Adding an inverter to this setup will then allow you to use a mains style 240v socket to plug in household items or computers and charging devices etc. When adding an inverter it is important to ensure that the size is correct for the device you are looking to run. Also important is to ensure the battery size and type is suitable for the load. you wish to apply.

Going a step further we are able to add fully automated power supply systems to any vehicle or trailer conversion. Taking power from solar to charge batteries and in turn run an inverter to liven up household style sockets. If the power supply is not enough or the requirement is greater than the battery pack then a generator can be automatically called to backup and charge the batteries.

LPG generators for motorhomes, petrol generators and Diesel generators are available.

It is important that these systems are properly specified and designed. We offer a full consultation, design and install service. Please arrange a visit or contact us via email or phone.